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shutterstock_126153494Whether your loved one lives on a home by the Potomac River or they’re out by the Bethesda Country Club, our experienced team of caretakers and nurses can provide your family member with the care they need. Since 1993, people throughout the Potomac area have relied on us for compassionate and knowledgeable home care. We combine the freedom of being at home with the quality of life that your loved ones deserve. Contact us today to learn more about our services and find out how we can help you.

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At Advanced Nursing & Home Support, we provide a full
range of in-home care services.

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Our In-Home Care Services in Potomac

Through the trusted and exceptional care of our senior companions and registered nurses, we offer a variety of in-home care services, including:

Our in-home care company in Potomac provides a wide range of services that are tailored, case-by-case, to meet your loved one’s every need. Contact us today to find out how Advanced Nursing can help you.

Who Can Benefit from Our In-Home Care Services

Hundreds of families throughout Montgomery County—including Potomac—have selected Advanced Nursing as their in-home care company because they trust and believe in the quality of our services. Some of the people who have benefited from our in-home care include:

  • Senior citizens – as your parents age and their medical needs change, Advanced Nursing is here for you to provide exceptional professional care in the safety of their home. We will match your loved one with a homecare professional that fits their unique personality, interests, and needs.
  • Loved ones with dementia & Alzheimer’s – dementia and Alzheimer’s can be very painful diseases, and they require highly qualified care. At Advanced Nursing, we have a lot of experience in aiding families with loved ones suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s to make their day-to-day life easier, safer, and more comfortable.
  • Loved ones with chronic illnesses – many chronic illnesses require advanced care, and our talented nursing team can provide medication management, ventilation support, specialty cleaning services, and more for family members suffering from chronic illnesses.
  • Loved ones who have been in a catastrophic accident – a sudden accident can change your families’ lives, and the professional team at Advanced Nursing wants to help make your day-to-day just a little bit easier. We can provide specialized service for a loved one who has been in a catastrophic accident, including paralyzed and quadriplegic family members.
  • Disabled family members – our highly-trained professionals can help you care for your disabled or temporarily disabled family members, including those who are recovering from an illness or surgery and those who are dealing with a mental or physical disability.

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Signs Home Care is Needed in Potomac

  • Neglected household chores – failure to complete everyday tasks such as washing dishes, taking out the garbage, or laundry is a sign your loved one may be overwhelmed or physically unable to perform and requires assistance keeping their home clean.
  • Nutritional deficiencies – a fridge that is empty or crowded with expired leftovers, a freezer full of pre-packaged frozen dinners, cupboards with an unusual number of like items, or an unusual number of expired cans or perishables, point to a lack of meal planning. Your loved one may be in need of assistance with grocery shopping and/or meal preparation.
  • Health concerns – individuals who are slow to recover from an illness, have a temporary or permanent disability, or experience ongoing health concerns such as diabetes or high blood pressure will benefit from the daily monitoring and support provided by in-home care.
  • Isolation – social withdrawal where your loved one no longer makes an effort to keep in touch with friends or family or take trips out of the home for errands or exercise can signal depression or a fear of asking others for assistance.
  • Unexplained injuries – odd bruises, swelling, discoloration, or aches and pains can mean a loss of balance or decline in motor skills that require addressing before serious injury occurs.
  • Lack of personal hygiene – neglecting daily tasks such as brushing teeth or hair, putting on clean clothing, or bathing can be the result of a loss of mobility, coordination, or cognitive skills.
  • And more!

For more information about the warning signs indicating that home care may be necessary in Potomac, click here.

About Our Care Professionals

At Advanced Nursing, we have a number of experienced in-home care professionals available, including:

  • Companions (companions offer non-medical care)
  • Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs)
  • Home Health Aides (HHAs)
  • Geriatric Nursing Assistants (GNAs)
  • Registered Nurses (RNs)
  • Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs)

The type of in-home care professional your loved one requires will be based on their individual needs, and we will always do our best to pair your family member with someone who is not only qualified to assist medically, but someone who can be a friendly companion, as well.

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