10 Things for Bedridden Seniors to Do

Finding things for bedridden seniors to do can be difficult. It’s important that you keep them physically healthy, keep their minds engaged, and give them an overall high quality of life. Read on to get some ideas of activities for bedridden people and other need-to-know caretaking tips.

What Happens to an Elderly Person Who is Bedridden?

As a caretaker, there are a variety of challenges you may run into while trying to accommodate someone who’s been confined to their beds. Below is a list of things to watch out for and be aware of.

Treating Bedridden Elderly at Home

  • Ensure hygiene and grooming: Bathing should be done at least 2-3 times a week, and can be done independently or with assistance or sponge baths. Daily hygiene needs include clean teeth, clean clothes, well-groomed and washed hair, etc. All of these things help avoid bed bugs and lice. Long finger and toenails can catch and tear or cause them to scratch themselves, so it’s wise to tend to them regularly. Good hygiene overall will help keep your loved one happier and feeling better physically and mentally, too.
  • Change bed linens regularly: Bed linens should be changed every few days to help prevent bedsores. Blankets and comforters don’t necessarily need to be changed as often but should still be switched out regularly. Also, if they’re able to express themselves, ask for the senior’s opinion on the bed linens used. Are they soft and warm enough? Are they too warm?
  • Healthy eating: It’s always important for seniors to eat a well-balanced diet and stay hydrated, but this is especially true for those who are bedridden. You can accomplish this by having water readily available for them to drink throughout the day. They may also wish to eat small snacks throughout the day rather than a few large meals. It’s important to try your best to accommodate them, but try to keep some semblance of a schedule. Remember they won’t be able to move around much, so research foods that are easily digestible to help avoid stomach aches and/or frequent bathroom visits. Be sure to take notes regarding your loved ones’ eating habits to discuss with their doctor.
  • Keep the environment pleasant: It’s best for your loved one to be in a well-lit room with as much natural light as possible and open a window, when possible, to air the room out with fresh air. Keep an easy path open to the bathroom. Make sure there is a nightstand within easy reach that makes things like a phone, remote control, a favorite book, food, and water easily available. Also, ensure the environment is calm and peaceful so your loved ones can get the rest they need.
  • Practice patience: Medical conditions and age can make it difficult for bedridden people to do many of the tasks they once performed independently. This can be very frustrating for everyone. Even everyday tasks may take longer and possibly be more difficult to complete, but don’t rush them as this can just worsen their frustration for both of you.

Things for Bedridden Seniors to Do

Being bedridden can cause a lot of boredom. It is also important that you keep your loved one’s mind active.  Below is a list of activities for bedridden seniors:

  • Puzzles/brain teasers (these can be on paper or a tablet device)
  • Arts and crafts
  • Video or board games
  • Books (these can also be audio)
  • Welcome visitors 

Exercises to Do in Bed for Seniors

Keeping your loved one’s body physically active is important, as well, even if they can’t get out of bed.  Below are some suggestions for exercises that can be done in bed:

  • Simple finger and hand stretches and exercises
  • They can lift their arms and legs
  • Have them roll from side to side for flexibility
  • You can have them tighten various muscle groups 

Games for Bedridden Adults

Playing is a great way to ward off boredom. Even as we age we enjoy a variety of games such as board games, video games, and brain teasers. This could be the perfect time to introduce the bedridden person to a new hobby, or even a new piece of technology such as an e-book or tablet.

More Activities for Bedridden Seniors

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box when thinking of other things for bedridden seniors to do.  They can:

  • Shop online
  • Learn a foreign language
  • Play music for them
  • If they enjoy animals, you can bring them around
  • Play board games
  • Use technology to have virtual visits with friends and family
  • Do scrapbooking or crafts
  • Do their nails or makeup if your loved one enjoys these things
  • Encourage them to journal their thoughts and feels
  • They can enjoy sewing tasks
  • They can watch tv or movies, either on their own or with others

Contact Us for More Suggestions for Activities for Bedridden People

At Advanced Nursing + Home Support, our knowledgeable team of skilled professionals can give you suggestions for games for bedridden adults to play and exercises to do in bed for seniors to help keep them active, healthy, happy, and mentally stimulated. 

If you have a loved one who is bedridden and in need of Companion Care, contact Advanced Nursing + Home Support today. We’ll work with you to come up with a Home Care Plan that’s tailored to the needs of your loved one. Contact us online or by phone at 240-414-4147 today to request more information.


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