14 Fun Activities for Alzheimer’s Patients at Home

As we age, it is important for us all to engage in activities that help keep our brains sharp. This is even more true for Alzheimer’s patients. Here at Advanced Nursing + Home Support, we want to help you come up with some ideas for fun activities for Alzheimer’s patients to help keep your elderly loved one’s spirits up and mind active. Read on for some tips to find the best activities for memory care patients! 

How Activities for Alzheimer’s Patients Can Help

Staying active is a good way to keep the brain of someone who has Alzheimer’s engaged because it’s stimulating for their mental, emotional, physical, and psychological health. Alzheimer’s activities will help your loved one to still feel a sense of pride that they are accomplishing something, that they are important and useful, that they have a purpose and matter.  

Staying physically strong helps fend off disease and injury in elderly people as they age, and being social helps stave off loneliness and depression. Fun activities for Alzheimer’s patients also allow them to expend energy, allowing them to fall asleep faster at bedtime. Getting a good night’s sleep is good for everyone’s overall health, but especially for people with Alzheimer’s. 

Choosing the Right Alzheimer’s Activities for Your Loved One 

How do you know which activities will be a good fit for your elderly loved one? Everyone is different, so not every activity will be a good match. Read on for ways to choose which activities for memory care patients to try with your loved one! 

  • Continue offering activities the person used to enjoy: This could be hobbies they used to enjoy in the past or work they used to do. As an example, if your loved one was a secretary for many years, allow them to organize office supplies in your home office if it makes them happy.
  • Do you notice your loved one engaging in any activity on their own without being prompted? Assuming it is an appropriate activity, this could be a good place to start with something they can enjoy. Follow your loved one’s lead regarding the things they enjoy doing throughout the day!
  • Allow them to participate in everyday life chores to help them feel they are still a necessary part of the family. This could include chores around the house, going to the store, running errands with you, etc.
  • When choosing an activity, consider the current environment: Do you notice that your elderly loved one enjoys smaller groups with less noisy surroundings? Or, do they like being the life of the party? Do they seem to prefer being outdoors or indoors? Use these preferences to help guide which activities you encourage them to participate in.
  • Stay flexible! It’s important to keep your loved one’s physical limitations and current emotional state in mind and be willing to adjust the activity to fit these. Certain activities may be better choices depending on the time of day or how your loved one is feeling that day.  

The bottom line is, as long as they are engaging in safe, appropriate activities, your loved one enjoying themselves is the most important goal to achieve. 

14 Activities for Alzheimer’s Patients

So, what are some good ideas for activities for Alzheimer’s patients at home? Keep your options open!  Think of activities they could participate in outdoors or inside, in good weather and in bad, with other people and on their own. Read on for ideas for Alzheimer’s activities!

Indoor Activities

These could include:  

  • Baking or cooking in the kitchen
  • Helping to clean the house
  • Arts and crafts projects
  • Playing or listening to music
  • Putting together puzzles
  • Looking at old family pictures
  • Watching a favorite movie
  • Playing a game like checkers or dominos 
  • Doing their hair, makeup, or painting their nails
  • Decorating the house for a holiday or making Christmas cookies

Outdoor Activities

These could include:

  • Gardening
  • Going on a walk
  • Going to the park
  • Feeding the ducks at a local pond
  • Throwing a ball or horseshoes
  • Sitting outside on the porch

Get Some Ideas for Activities for Alzheimer’s Patients Today! 

At Advanced Nursing + Home Support, our compassionate team of caregivers is committed to keeping our clients engaged in stimulating activities throughout the day. Our goal is to help you help your elderly loved one live their best life possible. 

If you are looking for ideas for fun activities for memory care patients in Maryland or the D.C. area, Advanced Nursing + Home Support is here to help. Contact us online or by phone at 240-414-4147 to request more information on care and activities for Alzheimer’s patients at home!

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