4 Tips for Keeping Seniors Active

4 Tips for Keeping Seniors Active

As seniors live longer, many of them live alone for longer periods of time. This can lead to isolation and, in many seniors, depression. One of the keys to keeping senior citizens healthy, happy, and thriving is for them to maintain an active lifestyle.

Though it isn’t always easy to coax an older adult out of the house, here are 4 tips for keeping seniors active all year long:

Encourage Volunteerism

Following retirement, many senior citizens feel they have lost their reason for getting up and out of the house every day. Short of getting a paying part-time job, volunteering is a great way for an older adult to have somewhere to go daily and make a difference in the community.

Food banks, schools, and pet rescue shelters are great places for seniors to explore volunteer opportunities. Many non-profit organizations need skills older adults developed during their careers – legal knowledge, accounting, tutoring – and are thrilled to have someone help fill the gaps in their offerings.

Check into Free Resources

Many libraries, churches, park districts, and senior citizen centers have free clubs and activities for seniors throughout the year. These activities include classes, book clubs, and trips, and can help seniors develop new relationships that can blossom outside the specific groups.

If you’re unsure whether your loved one’s community has similar resources, contact city hall, the local public library, or park district. These organizations can either give you the information you’re looking for or point you in the right direction.

Get Physical

Keeping active as a senior citizen doesn’t have to mean sweating it out in the gym or running marathons – though it does for some. It can be as simple as joining an aqua aerobics class a few times a week or going for a walk around the mall in bad weather.

Many gyms and exercise clubs offer senior citizen discounts on memberships, and they frequently offer senior-friendly classes during daytime hours. If there isn’t a gym nearby, or joining is out of reach financially, many indoor malls are home to vibrant morning walking clubs full of seniors. Contact your local mall to find out if something similar exists in your area.

Lifelong Learning

Remaining active isn’t just about physical health. Keeping mentally sharp is just as much a component to overall health and well-being for seniors as is staying physically fit.

Community colleges, park districts, libraries, and senior centers often offer educational programs for seniors for free or low tuition. Many programs cover practical advice, such as teaching new technology or estate planning, while others seek to broaden horizons through writing groups, history classes, and lively debates.

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