5 Reasons You Should Consider an In-Home Caregiver

When your aging loved one becomes ill or can no longer fully care for himself or herself independently, decisions about the best way to provide care must be made. Often, families face a choice between hiring in-home care or moving their loved one to an assisted living home or skilled care facility. Here are 5 important reasons you should consider an in-home care provider:

Takes pressure off family caregivers

Providing frequent care for a loved one is stressful. Putting the rest of your life – kids, spouse, job, friends – on hold often to care for an aging or ill loved one can leave you feeling pulled in multiple directions and, possibly, a little resentful. Having a home care provider to come in can help take some of the pressure off you as a caregiver, so you can tend to your other responsibilities. Even bringing someone in a few hours a week can make a big difference to your own well-being, making you a better caregiver to your loved one after a little break.

Reduces hospital readmission rates

Assistance from a knowledgeable caregiver following release from the hospital can help decrease the chance that your loved one will end up readmitted. Home care workers can perform tasks of daily living that otherwise may pose a risk for a person who may be weak from an illness. For those who may have mobility issues following a procedure, the caregiver can provide a safe guiding hand to help get them up and walking, decreasing healing time. Their frequent presence and training also can help identify signs of infection or other complication that, if left untreated for too long, could result in another hospital stay. This protects your loved one’s overall health and decreases healthcare costs.

Allows for more personalized care

Care in a nursing home or other skilled nursing facility, where the staff-to-resident ratio can be high, is difficult to individualize. There isn’t a great deal of one-on-one attention simply because there isn’t the manpower to provide that attention. With a home care provider, however, contact will always be one-on-one. Individualized goals can be set and worked toward more quickly, and your loved one will have personal attention that can help stave off loneliness. Changes in your loved one’s condition also can be noted more easily, as there aren’t other residents competing for the caregiver’s attention.

Decreases overall cost of care

According to an AARP calculator, the average annual cost for an in-home home health aide is just over $12,000 for care five days per week. Comparatively, the annual cost of care at an assisted living facility is $61,000 and it is $121,000 for a private nursing home. In-home care is tens of thousands of dollars less expensive than a nursing home, making it much more attainable for many people. This cost savings frees up funds for many other needs your loved one may have. Additionally, care in a private home from a home caregiver has been shown to decrease overall healthcare costs, as it decreases the risk of contraction of diseases that may result in hospitalization.

Allows for aging in place

Moving into an unfamiliar place is stressful for people of any age, but for a senior separated from family and friends as well as losing a longtime home, the stress can be magnified. This stress can lead to illness, depression, and a feeling of isolation. Bringing an in-home care provider into the home, if circumstances allow, can help your loved one remain in his or her home long-term. This can lead to better quality of life and better overall medical outcomes.

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