5 Signs Your Loved One Needs In-Home Care

Older adults are often resistant to receiving in-home care, as many feel they are giving up their independence and normal life. However, there are many situations that make home care necessary. Here are 5 signs your loved one needs in-home care:

Unexpected Weight Loss or Gain

Any sudden weight loss or weight gain, without a medical explanation, is cause for concern. It could mean your loved one is forgetting to eat, or otherwise lacks proper nutrition. Another thing to look out for is a completely empty pantry or sudden dramatic change in diet. Sure, some fluctuation in appetite or even preferred foods is expected of anyone, regardless of age, but a sudden swing in one direction or another is worrisome and could be a sign your loved one needs some help maintaining a healthy diet.

Poor Hygiene

Have you noticed that Dad doesn’t seem to shower as often as he used to? Or is Mom’s usually neat and tidy hair now unkempt and unwashed? A decline in basic hygiene could be a sign that your loved one is ill, experiencing some pain, or just has trouble with routine tasks of daily living. Bringing someone in to make sure teeth are brushed and showers are taken could be just the solution.

Falls or Injuries

Infrequent falls can be expected as your loved one ages and becomes a little more unsteady. However, injuries or frequent falls are cause for concern. They could mean your loved one is having trouble keeping up with the house and falls as a result, or that he or she is ill or has another injury. Having a professional come in and assess the home environment, making sure pathways are clear and floors are clean, may be necessary.

Increased Forgetfulness

Memory does fade as people age, but if you’re noticing extreme episodes of forgetfulness, it could be a sign of trouble. Getting lost when following a frequent route, or forgetting stove burners were left on, could pose a dangerous situation for your loved one. An evaluation by a medical professional may be required.

Dangerous Driving or Accidents

Distracted or erratic driving is not only dangerous to your loved one, but to all other drivers on the road. If your loved one engages in dangerous driving behavior or gets into car accidents, it may be time to get some help. A home care professional that also can provide transportation to and from doctor visits and other appointments will help keep your loved one safe.

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At Advanced Nursing & Home Support, we believe your loved one should remain in his or her home for as long as possible. If you see any of the above signs in your loved one, or you otherwise know your family is ready to seek in-home care, contact us today to discuss your needs.

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