4 Benefits of Art for Seniors

Seniors doing Arts & Crafts

In a time when adult coloring books are in high demand, it should come as no surprise that art therapy is beneficial for all. Whether coloring, painting, crocheting, or listening to your favorite music, we all use some version of art to create a sense of calm in our lives.

For seniors, participating in art-centered activities does so much more that just melt away the stress of a long, hard day. Here are 4 ways that art therapy can benefit the aging loved one in your life:

Reduces Stress

Many older adults eventually experience memory loss, hearing loss, and changes in vision. The inability to interact with the world around you like you once could can cause stress, confusion, anxiety, and depression.

Participating in art and music activities can help alleviate stress, improving your loved one’s overall mood and health, as well as alleviate the boredom that comes from loss of normal function.

Allows Self-Expression

We expect those with conditions such as dementia or Alzheimer’s to lose their memory, but along with that can come an inability to communicate verbally or through writing. Art therapy can give a voice to those who have trouble in those areas by allowing them to express their feelings or provide a window into their past. Giving your loved one a method to communicate  strengthens their bond with family, friends, and caregivers.

Those seniors who can still communicate through speaking or writing find that art therapy gives them and outlet to process the strong emotions that come with getting older.

Improves Physical Mobility

Chronic pain ailments, such as arthritis, can be frustrating!

Art therapy involves fine motor skills that promote the use of fingers, hands, and arms. This light physical activity has been shown to alleviate chronic pain symptoms by reducing inflammation and stiffness, allowing your loved one to retain physical mobility longer.

Provides a Sense of Accomplishment & Purpose

When you display your child’s art on your fridge, they feel a sense of pride in a job well done. Your elder loved one can experience the same feeling of accomplishment by completing an art project of their own.

Even those older adults who don’t feel artistic can create something beautiful, if given the right project. A good art therapist can encourage older adults to participate in an art therapy session by choosing a project well within their abilities. Seniors with a lifetime of pictures can create a scrapbook or a collage. Fabric squares can be glued together to make small pillows or lavender sachets. Stamps and pens can be used to create beautiful, homemade cards to send to friends and family members. Everyone can create art!

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