Debunking 5 Common Myths About In-Home Care

Debunking 5 Common Myths about In-Home Care

In-home care provides many benefits to seniors or other individuals who need help; so why are there so many negative myths spread about it? Many people simply have misconceptions about what in-home care is like. Consider these 5 common myths about in-home care and how you just might be wrong about them!

Myth 1: Home Care Is Too Expensive

If you’re new to the idea of in-home care, it may be easy to think you’re getting yourself into a pretty deep financial commitment. Surprisingly though, in-home care is much more affordable than people expect! Genworth Financial, an insurance company for long term care, says professional care comes to about $125 per day compared to the $253 per day for a nursing home. It is most likely more affordable to allow your loved one to stay independent in his own home rather than sending him to an expensive care facility where his independence is hindered.

Myth 2: Caregivers Are Randomly Placed, Uncaring, & Untrustworthy

Allowing someone into your loved one’s home to keep an eye on them can be hard, especially if you’ve heard rumors of people having issues with caregivers. The truth is, though, that whichever home care company you choose to use should perform thorough background checks and vetting of their caregivers.

Not only are they safe to allow around your loved one, they DO care! Most providers go to great lengths to hire individuals who have a passion for helping others live happy, healthy, and independent lives. They also do whatever they can to match caregivers and seniors by taking into account similar interests and personalities.

Myth 3: Home Care Is Only for Dependent Seniors

You might have a picture in your head of the person you imagine to be in need of in-home care. Most likely it’s a frail senior who can’t even get herself out of bed – and this is totally wrong!

First, many seniors who have only lost the ability to do some tasks like driving or lifting heavy things can still enjoy most of their lives on their own, but could use a ride to the grocery store or some companionship at home if their family members work full time.

Second, someone who requires in-home care may not be old. It could be someone with a chronic condition or a person recovering from surgery, and many more! You never know who may need a little help around the home.

Myth 4: I Should Take Care of My Loved One

As much as you want to help, unfortunately you may not be the most equipped caregiver when it comes to in-home care. Your loved one may feel more comfortable accepting help from a trained professional, rather than burdening you or other family members with their needs. By introducing a caregiver, you allow your loved one to benefit from expert care and be able to enjoy quality time with you and your family when you visit.

In addition to that, while it may feel like you’re saving money by DIY-ing in-home care, you’re actually most likely giving up a lot when it comes to time off from your job, time away from your children or partner, and time lost for other matters you need to attend to in your own personal life. Add it all up, and you are probably losing more value by spreading yourself too thin by committing to caring for your loved one rather than hiring a trained professional.

Myth 5: Home Care Isn’t Long-Term

Some individuals will need long-term care, and you may feel as though in-home care is a temporary fix. But if you have an open and honest conversation with the care provider, they can work with you and your loved one to make a long-term care plan that works to cover any and all needs.

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Are you convinced yet that home care isn’t as bad as some people make it out to be? If you need more proof, contact the professionals at Advanced Nursing & Home Support. We can’t wait to show you how great in-home care can truly be!

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