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What if every transaction you completed—whether it was at the grocery store, doctor’s office, or pharmacy—made a difference in the world. Imagine that your medical payments not only impacted your health and wellbeing, but changed the life of someone without access to clean and drinkable water. Buy 1 Give 1 (B1G1) allows businesses to become a global giving partner, which is why Advanced Nursing + Home Support has proudly taken on a Lifetime Sponsorship with B1G1.

Through our partnership with B1G1, we are able to extend our helping hands beyond the normal reach and make a change in neighboring countries as well.

Who Is B1G1?

B1G1 LogoB1G1 is a non-profit organization whose mission is to create a world that is full of giving. Buy 1 Give 1 believed that if the act of giving was simplified and truly impactful, every business and person would want to give and make a difference in our world. By bringing small businesses with small transactions together, B1G1 has found a way to create a big impact.

Belonging to B1G1 puts the why back in businesses and offers a sense of greater meaning and purpose. It allows each business to individually create a sense joy and share it, forming a habitual process. By following their core values of impact, habit, and connection, Buy 1 Give 1 has created more than 70 million impacts since their inception in 2007.


Every transaction made at Advanced Home Support from this point forward makes an impact on not only your neighbors in Montgomery County and the surrounding areas, but your neighbors in developing countries as well. When you make a payment, you get to choose from a list of high-impact projects and forward 100% of your giving to them.


Impact requires action, and continuous impact requires continuous actions. By incorporating giving seamlessly into your everyday transactions, your continuous giving will make a large impact.


B1G1 relies on the connections they form with small businesses, individuals, and organizations. These relationships instill a bond between all those involved—creating a deeper sense of connection.

Make a Global Difference with Advanced Nursing + Home Support

Our partnership with the global intuitive B1G1 allows Advanced Nursing + Home Support to make a social impact by embedding giving opportunities into our everyday business operation. Now those who may otherwise be disconnected from problems in the developing world can easily become involved by becoming a patient with Advanced Home Support, making an in-home support payment, celebrating an anniversary with a care provider, or signing up for any of our support services.

If your parent or loved one requires in-home care, reach out to Advanced Nursing + Home Support to help. By allowing us to help your loved one, you will help another person in need in the process. Contact us today to schedule a complimentary and private in-home evaluation. Become a part of this giving movement—with your help, we can make the world a better place!

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