ANHS Receives Leader in Excellence Award

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Advanced Nursing + Home Support Receives Best of Home Care® – Leader in Excellence Award Two Years In a Row Advanced Nursing + Home Support has received the distinguished 2021 Best of Home Care –Leader in Excellence Award from Home Care Pulse, the leading firm in quality assurance for home […]

Benefits of Gardening for Seniors

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In order to remain independent for as long as possible, it is important for seniors to remain as active as possible in order to maintain their health. One simple way to do this is gardening for seniors, activities which include planting, hoeing, and light weeding.   How Does Gardening Help the […]

Taking Care of Elderly Parents: Dos and Don’ts

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You may notice your elderly parents aren’t able to take care of themselves or the house as well as they used to. They may be missing appointments, are not paying bills on time, or are having more medical issues. How do you know when it is time to arrange for […]

How to Tell if a Senior is Dehydrated

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Dehydration happens when a person doesn’t drink enough water. Occurrences of dehydration in seniors are especially common, as kidney function and the urge to drink can both decrease with age. The highest risk of dehydration is on very hot days or when a person is especially active, but it can […]

7 Essential Health Tips for Caregivers

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Even if you don’t have a background in the medical industry, you may still find yourself providing first aid home health care for an aging loved one.  Providing safe, quality first aid for seniors is still possible even without any formal medical training. Follow these 7 essential health tips for […]

Visiting with COVID-19 Vaccinated Seniors

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COVID-19 has upended people’s lives the world over and seniors were some of the most heavily affected.  Fortunately, in the US, most now have access to the vaccine.  Due to this, the CDC has stated it is safe to start visiting seniors who have been vaccinated against COVID-19!  Read on […]

How to Talk to a Parent About In-Home Care

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Discussing in-home care with your parents can be difficult as many seniors fear losing their independence.  How do you know when it’s time to talk to your loved one about in-home care, and how should you go about doing it?  The experts at Advanced Nursing & Home Support are here […]

Benefits of Pets for Seniors

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Having dependable companionship undoubtedly plays a role in health, happiness, and longevity. However, as people age, companionship can be harder to find—especially in the situation where one is homebound, or if they lose their spouse or close friends. But the benefits of companionship aren’t only gained through people to people […]

Reasons You Should Consider an In-Home Caregiver

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If the time comes when your loved one can no longer care for themselves on their own, decisions must be made about the best way to provide care for them. Often, families face a choice between in-home care or moving a senior to an assisted living or skilled care facility. […]

How to Help a Senior Loved One Eat Healthy at Home

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While we commonly think of growing children when we talk about how important nutrition is, eating a vitamin-rich diet is important at every age. That’s especially true for elderly people, who have unique dietary needs, taste preferences, and barriers preventing them from getting the nutrients they need.  At Advanced Nursing […]

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