How to Combat Seasonal Affective Disorder in the Elderly

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The biggest concerns for seniors in the winter are often things like falling on icy streets or running up high utility bills to stay warm. Many forget about the impact that the cold, gray months of December through March can have on a person’s mood. Seasonal depression in the elderly […]

Pros and Cons of Independent Living

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As our parents near retirement age, one of the big decisions they (or we) need to make is about their living arrangements. You may have concerns around the disadvantages of nursing homes and are considering other options.  Some people choose to stay in the home they’ve known for decades, otherwise […]

6 Tips for Making Sure Your Loved One Takes Their Medications

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Caring for a loved one means juggling many tasks, one of the most important being medication management. Forgetting to take medicine or taking it incorrectly can not only make a caregiver’s job more complicated, but can cause serious health issues in your loved one. If you do not live with […]

10 Things for Bedridden Seniors to Do

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Finding things for bedridden seniors to do can be difficult. It’s important that you keep them physically healthy, keep their minds engaged, and give them an overall high quality of life. Read on to get some ideas of activities for bedridden people and other need-to-know caretaking tips. What Happens to […]

Is Memory Care Considered Skilled Nursing?

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Many people wonder what the difference between memory care and skilled nursing is. Read on to understand the differences and similarities between memory care vs. nursing homes so you can find the best senior care option for your loved one. Is Memory Care Considered Skilled Nursing? Yes, memory care is […]

14 Fun Activities for Alzheimer’s Patients at Home

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As we age, it is important for us all to engage in activities that help keep our brains sharp. This is even more true for Alzheimer’s patients. Here at Advanced Nursing + Home Support, we want to help you come up with some ideas for fun activities for Alzheimer’s patients […]

7 Senior Wellness Tips You Need to Know

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It’s important that we do what we can to encourage senior wellness as our loved ones age.  At Advanced Nursing + Home Support, we strive to encourage healthy aging practices for all of our clients.  See below for seven senior wellness tips you can follow to help maintain wellness for […]

5 Ways to Relieve Caregiver Stress

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Being the primary caregiver for a loved one is an honorable undertaking that can be very rewarding. It is comforting knowing your friend or family member is being cared for by someone who knows and loves them. Unlike professional Care Providers who are trained to provide expert care, caregivers are […]

Advantages of Aging in Place

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Aging in place home care is an option we all hope is possible for our aging loved ones. But it’s important to make sure their home is safe and prepared for this new stage of their life. At Advanced Nursing + Home Support, we spend a lot of time with […]

What Senior Care Options are Available for the Elderly?

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There are a variety of eldercare options available for seniors. These include in-home care, independent and assisted living communities, and nursing home facilities. These senior care options vary in the Levels of Care that they offer, how much assistance they provide to the clients they serve, and their cost.  Levels […]

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