4 Ways a Pet Can Benefit Your Senior Loved One

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Aging-in-place and in-home care are just two ingredients for a senior’s healthy, independent life. But even with the most advanced technology and incredible nurses, there’s still something missing from many elderly individuals’ lives: companionship. Would you believe that the solution to this problem could be in an older dog down […]

How Will I Know It’s Time for My Elderly Loved One to Stop Driving?

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Convincing your older loved one it’s time to stop driving is an emotionally charged, difficult conversation to have. You don’t want her to feel as if she’s losing her independence, but you also have to carefully balance her safety and the safety of others with her autonomy. Because of how […]

How Smart Home Technology Can Benefit Your Senior Loved One

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The concept of “aging-in-place” is becoming remarkably popular lately, especially among Boomers who wish to maintain their independence as they grow older. The idea behind aging-in-place is to adapt your current home to suit your needs as you age, rather than moving to an assisted living facility. Even as early […]

5 Important Tips for Successful Long-Distance Caregiving

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You have a loved one with an illness or injury that needs tending to, or your family member is just getting older and less able to care for herself on her own, but you live far away. Can you be an effective, helpful caregiver from a distance? While providing care […]

Debunking 5 Common Myths About In-Home Care

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In-home care provides many benefits to seniors or other individuals who need help; so why are there so many negative myths spread about it? Many people simply have misconceptions about what in-home care is like. Consider these 5 common myths about in-home care and how you just might be wrong […]

5 Ways to Keep Seniors Safe in Hot Weather

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While summer is often the time of year where people get outside to enjoy the weather, sometimes the heat can get dangerous. Seniors are more vulnerable to the summer heat as their bodies don’t adjust as well to sudden temperature changes, certain medical conditions can alter their body’s responses to […]

4 Tips for Keeping Seniors Active

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As seniors live longer, many of them live alone for longer periods of time. This can lead to isolation and, in many seniors, depression. One of the keys to keeping senior citizens healthy, happy, and thriving is for them to maintain an active lifestyle. Though it isn’t always easy to […]

8 Crucial Questions to Ask a Home Care Provider

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Choosing a home care provider for yourself or your loved one can be a stressful process. You want to be sure you’ll be provided with reliable, quality care from a reputable provider without completely breaking the bank. Conducting thorough interviews with all providers under consideration is an important step to […]

5 Crucial Identity Theft Prevention Tips for Seniors

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In 2016, 15.4 million Americans were victims of identity theft, with many seniors among that number, according to Javelin Strategy & Research. Seniors are frequent targets of identity thieves and scammers for a variety of reasons, including that they are often viewed as lower risks for creditors, making obtaining credit […]

6 Essential Health Tips for Caregivers

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You’re not a trained healthcare provider, yet you find yourself caring for your aging loved one. Providing quality, safe care is possible without having any formal medical training. Follow these 6 essential health tips for caregivers to help you provide the best care for your loved one: Falls The most […]

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