What is a Care Plan?

A Care Plan is an individually-designed plan that outlines the daily tasks for each home health care client, based on their individual needs. At Advanced Nursing + Home Support, each Care Plan is developed by an RN following the completion of an in-home care assessment. 

What Is Included in a Care Plan?

Because every client’s needs are unique, each Care Plan is carefully curated to fit the individual’s lifestyle and promote their optimal well being. The Care Plan takes all necessary factors into account: doctor’s orders, medication, client health concerns, as well as other essential needs such as cooking, light housekeeping, transportation, and attending to pets. 

These personalized plans also include specific instructions for the Care Providers, as outlined in the initial Assessment. 

How are Needs Addressed in a Home Care Plan?

Client’s needs fall into two categories: Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (IADLs) and ADLs. IADLs include the most important activities that caregivers will oversee, such as administering medications, providing transportation to doctors’ appointments, grocery shopping, and assisting with communication (such as phone calls). ADLs include all other activities, such as eating, bathing, dressing, housekeeping, and caring for pets. 

Do Care Plans Change Over Time?

Yes! The Advanced Nursing + Home Support team knows that clients’ needs are always changing, which is why we regularly revisit every Care Plan and make any changes as needed. For example, if a client was able to get dressed and eat independently during his initial in-home care assessment, but later requires assistance with those tasks, the Care Plan would be updated to address their new needs. Any updates in medications, treatments, or daily activities are also noted and accommodated for in revised Care Plans

What Is a Care Plan Format?

After an initial assessment is completed, our professional team works with clients and their families to determine what type of care is needed, such as skilled nursing, personal, companion, or respite care. This information forms the backbone of our care plans. View a sample Care Plan here

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