The topic of home care services (and their cost) may feel overwhelming. Read on to clear up how home care services work, home care costs, and how you can access home nursing services for yourself or someone in need of extra assistance. You can contact Advanced Nursing + Home Support 24/7, 7 days a week to discuss how our home care services work.

What is Home Care?

Home care services are non-medical care services provided by a professional caregiver in the home where a person lives. Home care services can also include skilled nursing care with supports like medication management, wound care, and specialized memory care for people with diagnoses such as Alzheimer’s or Dementia.

How Does Home Care Work?

Home care works by understanding the needs of patients, finding the right care plan, and caregiver execution. Care plans are tailored to the individual and specific needs of the individual and are revisited throughout the engagement to ensure proper care is provided. 

Home care services typically focus on assistance with personal care — feeding, bathing, dressing, using the bathroom, etc. — and/or activities of daily living tasks such as grocery shopping, meal preparation, and housekeeping. 

What Are the Benefits of Home Nursing Services?

Some benefits of home nursing services include:

  • Personalized care
  • Undivided attention
  • Convenience
  • Reduced travel and coordination
  • Caregiver relief
  • And more!

This style of care allows for a custom plan to fit your loved one’s needs and preferences. It also means your loved one will receive one-on-one services, rather than a care provider having to split their time among multiple clients. Often, this care is also one of the least costly options when compared to assisted living or nursing home care. 

Home care is a great option because it cuts down on travel coordination and costs, and gives your loved one the advantage of living in their own home where they are comfortable and feel safe. For many people, this means staying in a home that is already paid for, which also helps keep expenses lower. 

Who Qualifies for Home Care Services?

Home care services are not specific to one condition, situation, or age; there are several different circumstances where someone may need in-home assistance. Here are some of the common struggles our patients face:

  • Chronic disease: According to the CDC, 6 in 10 adults struggle with chronic disease, and often require assistance to maintain their day-to-day life as a result.
  • Cognitive issues: Those who suffer from memory loss or memory-related diseases often choose to receive professional memory care while living in their own homes. This serves as an effective alternative to assisted living.
  • Elderly: Even the most independent seniors often still need help with things like transportation, managing medication, meal assistance, etc.
  • Adjusting post-hospital: People who need temporary assistance returning home after a procedure or hospital stay.
  • Disabled: Those who have a permanent physical or mental condition that requires special care.

Signs Your Loved One Needs Home Care Services

There are several reasons to consider home nursing services. The following symptoms may be a sign that it’s time to start researching home care options for someone close to you:

  • They’re declining physically — they struggle to cook for themselves or keep their home clean.
  • They’re unable to manage their money.
  • They’ve become depressed or stopped socializing with friends and family.
  • They become confused easily and seem to forget where they are or how to get to familiar locations.

How to Get Home Care

Once you identify some potential home care agencies, representatives from these organizations will meet with you and your loved one in their primary home or by phone/video call. The team can then discuss your loved one’s needs and desires, so the representative can assess their unique situation. You’ll want to ensure the care provider will be a good match for your loved one’s unique personality and schedule. 

Home Care Costs 

The overall cost of home care varies based on the provider chosen, as well as the unique needs of each client. Fortunately, home care is often more affordable than a lengthy stay in a hospital setting. There are a variety of options available to help pay for these costs. Advanced Nursing + Home Support offers high-quality service at competitive rates. Contact us to schedule an appointment and get a free quote today.

Working With Advanced Nursing + Home Support 

Here at Advanced Nursing + Home Support, we offer a clear process to help you and your loved one acquire the home care you’re looking for. First, one of our compassionate care providers will complete an in-home assessment to evaluate your loved one’s environment and needs. Then, one of our skilled professionals will work with you and your loved one to develop a custom home care plan

Our Home Care Process

Once the initial care plan is established, the next steps in the process will be:

  1. One of our Staffing Coordinators will call the client/family to introduce themselves.
  2. The Staffing Coordinator then works to match a Care Provider to the client.
  3. Once a provider is assigned, the Home Health Supervisor reviews the care plan with them. The Care Provider will learn the details to be aware of prior to their first visit to the client’s home. The Home Health Supervisor may also meet the Care Provider at the client’s home for the first visit.
  4. Within 2-4 days after the first visit, Client Satisfaction will reach out to the client/family to check in and make sure everything is in order. They will continue to touch base with the client/family on an ongoing basis as well.
  5. The Staffing Coordinator also works with the client/family on an ongoing basis as their needs change to ensure the continued highest quality of care.

Find Home Care for Your Loved One Today

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