What is Home Care?

Home care is a type of care provided by an experienced health professional at an individual’s home. Because it is delivered on-site, home care is an ideal option for seniors or disabled individuals who need medical and personal assistance but still want to maintain their independence at home. 

Home care can be temporary—for example, it can help a loved one get back on their feet after an illness, injury, or surgery—or a long-term solution. A variety of caregivers provide home care services, including registered nurses (RNs), licensed practical nurses (LPN), certified nursing assistants (CNAs), healthcare assistants (HCA), and other professionals, depending on the type of service needed. 

At Advanced Nursing & Home Support, we know that for many of our clients, it’s important to be able to stay comfortable in their own home for as long as possible.  When you’re searching for in-home care for your loved one, you need a caregiver you can rely on. You can trust our professional caregivers to help with almost any in-home care task your loved one needs assistance with, from managing medications to personal care chores such as grooming.

We have been leading the charge in providing expert, in-home care in Maryland and throughout the D.C. area for the last 25 years, serving everyone from adolescents to adults, veterans, and the elderly. You can contact us 24/7, 7 days a week to discuss our home care services. Read on to find out what types of home care services we offer and the benefits of home care. 

Home Care Services

Our professional team of compassionate caregivers can meet the home care needs of your loved one in a wide variety of living situations. When we first meet our clients, we have them undergo an in-home care assessment which takes into account every element of the client’s needs and environment to determine the best course of care.  With this context, as well as input from the individual and their family members, a personalized care plan is developed. 

In Home Skilled Nursing Care

Individuals who require advanced medical attention on a daily basis, but who don’t want to stay in a hospital or assisted living facility, may want to consider skilled nursing care from Advanced Nursing + Home Support. Our team of licensed RNs and LPNs can administer medications, manage treatments, dress wounds, provide after-accident care, and much more—all while keeping clients comfortable at home. 

Companion Home Care

Companion care providers offer both companionship and day-to-day assistance to individuals, allowing them to carry out their normal routines in warm-hearted company. Companion care is exactly what it sounds like: dedicated companionship. 

As individuals age, everyday tasks such as getting dressed, cleaning the house, caring for pets, washing dishes, and preparing meals become more challenging to do alone. Additionally, social activities—like meeting friends for dinner or playing sports—are harder to commit to as people slow down. Our companion care providers are committed to helping clients continue doing what they love while staying healthy and safe. 

Personal Home Care 

For loved ones who need more advanced day-to-day assistance than companion care, a personal home care provider offers support for individuals in many of their everyday tasks, allowing them to carry out their normal routines as they would do so independently.  This type of in-home care is perfect for aging individuals who may not be able to do necessary chores—such as showering and getting dressed—as easily as they once did, or at all. A few of the personal care services we provide include bathing, dressing, grooming, toileting, medication reminders, plus grocery shopping and meal preparation. 

Transportation Assistance

Transportation is a key factor in helping seniors to maintain their independence.  So, whether our client needs to pick up a prescription or they just want to meet friends for lunch, we have licensed staff available to get them there.

Mobility can be greatly hindered by an injury, an accident, or just simply the effects of time. Our professional staff can provide transportation to medical appointments, general and grocery shopping, prescription pick-up, and other personal appointments. We understand that it is vital to our clients’ independence that they can easily get where they want to go.

Benefits of Home Care

If you’re debating between in-home care in Maryland and residential care in a hospital or nursing home facility, read on for a few of the benefits you’ll enjoy with home care:

  • Lower cost: In-home care is considerably less expensive than a lengthy stay in a hospital, rehab center or long-term care facility.
  • Independence: Your loved one can stay in their own home where they are comfortable and feel safe, plus they can continue with their routines as usual. 
  • Improved health outcomes:  An in-home care environment provides lower stress for the individual as well as more personalized attention. This means clients may recover more quickly and more completely when they receive in-home care compared to facility-based care.
  • Reduced hospital stays: Clients who receive in-home care may be discharged from the hospital sooner, since they have supervision and assistance waiting at home. This increased assistance may help keep the client from having a return hospital stay, too. 
Clients trust our award-winning care because it works.

Reach out today to see why Advanced Nursing + Home Support is the leader in home care.