How to Keep Seniors Active – Mentally & Physically

An important part of keeping your senior family member happy and healthy is ensuring he or she is active—not just physically, but mentally as well. At Advanced Nursing & Home Support, we have a lot of experience in helping improve the overall wellbeing of senior citizens. Continue reading to see some of our expert tips for keeping your senior loved ones active. 

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How to Keep Seniors Active: Mentally

The mind is a powerful muscle, but it needs to be exercised to stay fit. And it’s just as important as keeping the body active! If you’re trying to help an elderly loved one keep their mind active, here are a few things you can suggest or do together:

  • Puzzles: whether they’re crossword, jigsaw, or logic puzzles, these sorts of things are great for keeping the mind sharp.
  • Board Games: a great social activity, board and card games both help seniors and people of all ages engage their brain and have fun at the same time.
  • Reading: find some books that your loved one will enjoy or that are relevant to their interests. It could even be fun to start your own book club to discuss the books you’re reading.
  • Storytelling: have your loved one share memories from his or her past. Not only will this bring the two of you closer, it is a great brain activity.

How to Keep Seniors Active: Physically

When most people think of “keeping fit,” they think of their body. So what are some good activities for seniors—especially those with limited mobility?

  • Walking: taking walks (at whatever distance is comfortable for your loved one) is a great activity that can be done solo or in a group.
  • Swimming & Other Water Activities: water activities are a great way to stay fit because they cause less stress on the joints, which can be a wonderful benefit for aging loved ones.
  • Senior Exercise Classes: many local gyms and clubs offer senior exercise classes which are specifically designed for the elderly.

Professional, Kind In-Home Care

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