10 Signs of Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s Disease is an incredibly difficult and painful illness for everyone involved. It can be a very trying time, both for your loved one and for you and your family as well, and it’s important that someone who is exhibiting signs of Alzheimer’s Disease gets the proper care necessary to ensure their wellbeing and safety.

We have 10 early warning signs of Alzheimer’s Disease listed below that indicate it’s time to have a talk with your loved one or with a professional, compassionate in-home care company like Advanced Nursing & Home Support. 

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10 Warning Signs of Alzheimer’s Disease

1. Memory Loss

The first, and most obvious, sign of Alzheimer’s Disease is memory loss. This sort of memory loss is more than simply misplacing one’s keys—rather, this is the sort of memory loss that disrupts daily life. This can be anything from forgetting to pay bills on time and forgetting important appointments to forgetting to take medications and more.

2. Difficulty with Daily Tasks

When daily tasks start to become difficult for your loved one to complete, this can be a sign of Alzheimer’s Disease. For instance, they may forget how to work an appliance they use regularly, such as a coffee machine, or they may forget how to drive to a familiar place like the grocery store.

3. Confusion with Time & Place

Many with Alzheimer’s can be confused about the passage or time or their location. They can become unsure about the day or even the season of the year.

4. Vision Impairment

Alzheimer’s can affect your loved one’s ability to evaluate spacial relationships and distinguish color contrasts, which can lead to greater difficulty driving and completing daily tasks.

5. Difficulty Speaking & Writing

If your loved one seems to have difficulty calling words to mind or spelling words they could previously write easily, this could be a warning sign of Alzheimer’s Disease. It may also cause your loved one to have difficulty keeping up with a conversation and following the flow of what is happening.

6. Poor Judgement

A common sign of Alzheimer’s is a decrease in judgement. This can manifest itself in many ways, including poor money management and spending decisions.

7. Changes in Mood or Personality

Changes in mood and personality can frequently happen for those suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease. Your family member may become confused, depressed, fearful, or even angry. They may accuse people of stealing their things or lying to them to explain why they can’t find things or lose track of dates and time.

8. Reduced Social Activity

Is your loved one withdrawing from social engagements or losing friendships? Isolation and reduced social activity in seniors is a warning sign that things may not be going well. Social isolation can be a result of forgetfulness or from a discomfort in the changes they’re experiencing.

9. Unpleasant Living Conditions

An unclean, cluttered living environment should be a big red flag. If your loved one is unable to care for their home and keep it in a safe condition, it’s important that you seek the help of a professional.

10. Changes in Personal Hygiene

Does your loved one have an unpleasant odor? Or is he or she wearing abnormal or dirty clothing? Deteriorating personal hygiene is a major warning sign that your senior family member may have Alzheimer’s or dementia.

Get Help for Your Loved One

The most important thing for your loved one, once you’ve noticed these signs, is to get him or her prompt, professional care. At Advanced Nursing & Home Support, we have years of experience helping families and their elderly parents and grandparents deal with the stress and pain of Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia. Our team can help your loved one maintain independence by providing exceptional care in their home.

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