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What Can Trigger PTSD in the Elderly and How Can It Be Managed?

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Though not an age-exclusive condition, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in the elderly presents unique challenges. As a caregiver, learning the signs of PTSD, what can trigger it, and what to do when PTSD is triggered is crucial to providing quality care.  In this blog post, you’ll learn how to manage […]

Aging in Place: Home Safety for Elderly Adults

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The advantages of aging in place include added comfort, security, and sense of independence for your senior loved one(s). If you’re worried about home safety for the elderly, know that your concern is totally valid — and that there are tips and resources available to help keep seniors safe at […]

Respite Care For a Loved One With Autism

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As its name implies, home respite care is temporary care designed to give primary caregivers a break from the constant care they provide to a loved one. Respite care for adults with Autism benefits everyone involved, from the primary caregiver to the professional who relieves them, to the loved one […]

What to Do When You Can No Longer Be a Caregiver

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Depending on your circumstances, you might feel trapped caring for elderly parents. It’s a common thought, but it’s important to recognize that just because you feel that way doesn’t mean you don’t love or care about them. Below are things to keep in mind when caring for an elderly parent […]

How to Find In-Home Care for Disabled Adults

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If you’re looking for in-home care for disabled adults, you know how difficult it can be to find the right professionals to provide compassionate, skilled care for your loved one. People with disabilities may need extra assistance, but their desire to maintain independence and/or familiar comforts is as strong as […]

10 Things for Bedridden Seniors to Do

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Finding things for bedridden seniors to do can be difficult. It’s important that you keep them physically healthy, keep their minds engaged, and give them an overall high quality of life. Read on to get some ideas of activities for bedridden people and other need-to-know caretaking tips. What Happens to […]

Is Memory Care Considered Skilled Nursing?

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Many people wonder what the difference between memory care and skilled nursing is. Read on to understand the differences and similarities between memory care vs. nursing homes so you can find the best senior care option for your loved one. Is Memory Care Considered Skilled Nursing? Yes, memory care is […]

How to Talk to a Parent About In-Home Care

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Discussing in-home care with your parents can be difficult as many seniors fear losing their independence.  How do you know when it’s time to talk to your loved one about in-home care, and how should you go about doing it?  The experts at Advanced Nursing & Home Support are here […]

My Elderly Parent Won’t Accept Help! What Do I Do?

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There comes a point in time when you may realize that your parents need assistance with everyday tasks. But hiring them help isn’t always as simple as finding a reputable company and giving them a call. Sometimes, parents refuse outside help. But if you’re unable to drop what you’re doing […]

How to Recognize Signs It’s Time for Home Care

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It’s no secret that those who are aging or have severe health issues would prefer to remain in their own home rather than in a clinical facility or hospital. In addition to the emotional benefits associated with a sense of independence, freedom, and dignity, research has shown that a patients’ […]

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