Aging in Place Tips

Aging in place is an incredibly common request or expectation as your family members get older, but it’s important to make sure their home is safe and prepared for this new stage of their life. At Advanced Nursing & Home Support, we spend a lot of time with people in their homes, and we can help you ensure your loved one’s home is well-suited for their needs. 

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Our Aging in Place Tips

1. Have emergency contact information readily available.

This can include your doctor’s name and phone number, next of kin, and more. Having this information readily available by phones in the bedroom, kitchen, and living room can be crucial in an emergency.

2. Set up an appointment for in-home care.

If you or a loved one requires extra help and security around the house, set up an appointment with a home care agency like Advanced Nursing & Home Support. We offer a wide range of companionship and skilled nursing care based on your loved one’s specific needs. We can provide professional oversight and safety services.

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3. Keep the floors clear and remove any rugs.

Keep the floor clear, particularly frequently traveled paths like the bedroom to the bathroom and kitchen to the living room. It’s also important to remove any area rugs as they can be a tripping hazard or obstacle for walkers and wheelchairs.

4. Install handrails and accessibility ramps.

As necessary, add handrails and accessibility ramps to your home. In long halls and other areas of your home, handrails can provided added stability for aging family members, and ramps can become a necessity for loved ones using wheelchairs or walkers.

5. Upgrade the bathroom with safety features.

One of the most important things you can do is to upgrade your home’s bathroom to make it suited for aging in place. There are many things you can do in the bathroom, including:

  • Add handrails in the shower, tub, and by the toilet
  • Install a shower with a seat and room for maneuvering
  • Add non-stick coating to the floor of the shower or tub
  • Install a shower with a low lip for easy exit and entry
  • Install a bathtub with an accessibility door

Let Us Help Make Your Home Safe

At Advanced Nursing, we have years of experience when it comes to helping people enjoy a safe, healthy, independent lifestyle at home. Our compassionate and diligent staff can ensure your loved one is as safe as possible at home and oversee daily activities, including medication management.

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